Rays of Salvation

I went to a Church when my teacher told me that Jesus was God’s messenger and the Church is where He resides. I went to a temple when my parents told me that the temple’s shrine is where I will find God. I went to a mosque when my friend told me that Allah, the savior, blesses humanity from inside the mosque. But inside the Church I found compassion. Inside the temple I found devotion. Inside the mosque I found humility. And inside all three I found exquisite art to comfort any soul. But God? God was still nowhere in sight. Years passed by like water in a river, but God still remained invisible. I kept on asking people the direction to reach His home and every time I reached a statue or an image none of which came to life.

Until one blissful morning, bathed in the bountiful rays of the sun, I finally found Him. And all my life’s fruitless pursuits flashed in front of my eyes making me profoundly sad for the past but profoundly hopeful of the future.

Now I see God clearly. I see him in a dancer’s steps, in a singer’s voice, in a writer’s words, in a judge’s choice, in a painter’s colours, in a sculptor’s shapes, in a professor’s lecture, in a student’s hunger for knowledge, in a mother’s love, in a wife’s devotion, in an architect’s design, in a shooter’s precision, in an athlete’s stamina, in the nature’s dance. I see God everywhere around me and within me. I can feel the rays of salvation filling me up and opening my soul in front of me. My mind says it’s all an illusion, my heart says it need not be reality. My mind says I will not accept anything that can’t be experienced by the senses, my heart says I need not experience everything for even the senses have limitations. My mind says truth can’t be sacrificed at the altar of belief. My heart says a lie that gives hope is divine.

Above Photograph courtesy Vinay Saroya.


One Comment to “Rays of Salvation”

  1. nice..its well said!!

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