Zeitgeist: The Movie

Myth busters have always fascinated me. And I am attracted towards anything that provides a rational explanation to seemingly “unexplainable” phenomena. One such documentary is Zeitgeist. Dictionary defines the word as “the spirit of the time; the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation.” And that’s exactly what this documentary showcases.

What exactly is the spirit of the time we are living in? What should we believe and what should we not believe in? Should we let people take us for a ride in the name of religion or nationalism? Should we suspend our rational intellect and follow the herd mentality? You will find the answers to all these questions and much more in this movie. I was shocked the first time I saw it. Maybe the conclusions drawn in this movie are extreme. Maybe not all of them will come true. But watch it nevertheless because it will open your mind.

What this movies shows

  1. A detailed explanation of the myth of “organized religion.” And remember organized religion is different from spirituality.
  2. The myth of 9/11
  3. The danger of a world superpower (read corporate world and media) taking over the reins of the world and the imminent dawn of a new age when the very concept of individual freedom and right won’t exist.

The issues raised in this movie are far more serious and complex than you may seem. But I’ll let you decide that. For now, go ahead and watch this multi award winning film. It is one of the most hard hitting and one of the best documentaries ever.

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One Comment to “Zeitgeist: The Movie”

  1. I can’t think straight right now, but I think I agree!

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