So what if My Name is Khan??

Let me begin with a story. Once there was a Tiger. The Tiger used to unofficially control the city of Bombay (the Tiger and his cubs prefer Mumbai) sitting inside his den. Once in a while he would appear in public gatherings and sit on his royal throne to give royal upadesha. He also owned a newspaper called Samna and roared from its editorial columns once in a while. He never mixed with other lowly creatures. How could he? After all he was the Tiger. But even though the Tiger never fraternized with the lowly creatures and was always surrounded by his Mantrigan, his heart always bled for the plight of those lowly creatures. Or did it really? Never mind. The point being, the Tiger and his Praja lived happily. Of course some monkeys who didn’t support him had to be eliminated here and there. But it was ok because the Tiger was Sarkar.

But one day the Tiger realized that he was getting old and was losing his power. And so he decided to appoint a successor for himself. And that was a problem, because his own cub, who he wanted to become the successor didn’t have any tiger like qualities. He was actually a sheep. And the cub who indeed have tiger like qualities was his nephew, his brother’s cub or Junior Tiger. Torn apart by the dilemma, the Tiger became weaker and weaker, untill one day he realized that the Junior Tiger was smarter than he had thought and had decided to become a Tiger on his own. Meanwhile the Sheep became the successor after Tiger retired and found it extremely difficult to maintain his Sarkar Raj.

And so one fine day the Sheep decided to wear the mask of Tiger and fight with the Junior Tiger who was gaining popularity on his own. But then a sheep is a sheep and can’t become a Tiger even if he wears a mask. So the Sheep became desperate and started throwing tantrums just to show that he was the Tiger in the making. But how long can he fool people with his mask?

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you haven’t understood till now, this was the tale of two cousins Raj and Uddhav Thackeray and their patriarch, Balasaheb Thackeray. And this post is about the latest controversy on the Sena front. And two icons who fanned it. Lets discuss them one by one.

SRK Controversy

The first one is about Shahrukh Khan and why others have a problem if he says “My Name is Khan.” Let me be brutally frank here. It was SRK only who had started this controversy months ago when he tried to gain milage by making an issue out of non issue and claimed that he was detained at Newark Airport in US for two hours for a silly reason, his name. But is he the only only one to be detained at a US airport. Wasn’t President Kalam also frisked by the staff of an american airline? That too in New Delhi. And Kalam was the President of India? And not just Kalam after 9/11 many Indians have been subjected to strict security checks and harassment by US airport officials. But how many of them cried fowl in the Indian media? But SRK happily gave exclusive sound bytes to media folks, who otherwise have to struggle getting a word out of him. Isn’t something fishy here. I think there is.

I win I win!

Then again recently he made statements about Pakistani Cricket players, which we all know. And Uddhav Thakeray’s Shiv Sena which is on the lookout for issues (even if silly) these days to gain milage out of it, latched on to it and made it a mega issue. So the Sainiks have now decided to protest against the screening of “My Name is Khan.” Other politicians got a chance to bake their own cakes in this melee and media got a chance to take a break from cats and dogs and aliens and give some real news.

Now it all boils down to two controversies being started by SRK before the release of his movie My Name is Khan. Now you may join the media circus and claim that SRK has become a real life hero. The whole nation, cutting across party lines, and ideologies is supporting him for his “brave” stance. Bollywood which has been quiet till now, is openly supporting him now. Slaman Khan says SRK doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. Or you may question, like me, as to why SRK does his acts of bravado before the release of his films. Is this just an act of spontaneous outburst (I would be glad if it were just that. It is high time someone taught Shiv Sena a lesson) or a calculated move to gain publicity (which is what I have a problem with, because if that is the case then we are all being taken for a ride). There are no definite answers to this question. Since we don’t know the truth, we can only speculate.

Rahul Gandhi and the Marathi Manoos

Rahul Gandhi claimed in Bihar that Biharis have helped save Bombay from terrorists and that sparked another controversy, the details of which you already know. Whether Rahul Gandhi’s statements hurt the pride of Marathi Manoos (I live with three Marathi roommates  in the den of Shiv Sena and I didn’t see anyone pride being hurt) I don’t know for sure. But what it did was to give The Sheep another plank to become a Tiger. Living in a city like Bombay with a surname like Pandey has made me see things up, close and personal. And my understanding says that Shiv Sena has lost its teeth. And doesn’t deserve to roar.

So imagine my delight when I see Rahul Baba cruising through the streets of Bombay in the heartland of Shiv Sena and mixing freely with the Marathi Manoos, which Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, even though he lives in Bombay, had never done. And this was against the threat of Shiv Sena. So is this show of protest by Rahul Gandhi spontaneous? No, its well calculated. But then it should be because Rahul is a politician and it his job to create issues. What is admirable is Rahul’s decision to do what he did. He has shown Shiv Sena its right place and I love that.

The result of both these controversies?

Well, we have found two new heroes, SRK and Rahul Gandhi and everybody is chanting the mantra of nationalism and unity. So in a crooked way both these controversies have helped the cause of Indian Nationalism, and a movie called My Name is Khan.


One Comment to “So what if My Name is Khan??”

  1. I agree with the above post. Personally I cannot see why you would not want to make an effort in this regard anyway. Only the other day, at work we had exactly the same conversation and came to a similar closing

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