Movie Review: It’s Complicated

He says, "Oh God! It was awesome!" She says, "Oh God! I shouldn't be doing this!"

Film: It’s Complicated

Director: Nancy Meyers

Lead Cast: Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin

Rating: 6/10 – A good “rom com” but not for everyone (I mean the age here)

For a person like me, who is still on the right side of 30, it is somewhat weird to see three of his favorite actors getting old (over sixty) and talking about vaginas getting constricted without sex or actually indulging in secret sexual escapades. Apparantly, not so for the three old ladies (all in their sixties) sitting beside me. While I cringed in my seat and muffled my frequent laughters, they had a blast and made it clear that they were enjoying what they were seeing and made no efforts to muffle their laughter or comments.

That pretty much sums up what this movie is about and who it is meant for. It’s Complicated is the story of a divorcee Jane (Meryl Streep), who, during the graduation party of her son, reconnects with her ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin) after being divorced for the past ten years. Ten years ago, Jake had cheated on her and had left her for a much younger woman, but now regrets that he did so. And thus starts a passionate affair of an old separated couple without the knowledge of any of their kids.

She says, "You're so funny!" He says, "You're so lovely!"

Meanwhile Adam (Steve Martin), a divorcee architect gets attracted towards Jane and decides to put his two year old divorce behind, only to realize that Jane and Jake are having an affair. Jane on her part, realizes that the situation is not so sorted out as she thought earlier. In fact, it’s complicated! It would be insane to get together with a guy who had cheated her and to forget whom it took her years. But at the same time she finds no reason why she should not, specially when the guy accepts his mistake and confesses his love for her again. Is she ready to handle such a complicated situation at such an advanced stage in her life? The answer to this question is what the movies is all about.

Like any adult romantic comedy the dialogues in this one also were also saucy and crisp, but some of the jokes were simply old. A major part of the movie has been devoted to Jane coming to terms with the fact that she is old but can and should spice up her life with sex and companionship if she can. At one point she feels so guilty that she had to consult her shrink to get out of depression.

She says, "Don't look at me! My body is not the same anymore." He says, "Don't worry! It anyway doesn't matter anymore."

Meryl Streep, as always, shines in her role and looks as enchanting as she would have looked in her heydays. She recreates some of the magic of Julie and Julia (for which she also got an Oscar nomination, her sixteenth), by showing her culinary skills and using her expressive face to perfection. Alec Baldwin, for a change shows his talent in a comic role, and does a fabulous job of it. But a major disappointment is the character played by Steve Martin. Like Jim Carrey, Steve is in a league of his own and has the ability to carry an entire movie on his own shoulders. This role just didn’t allow him to be in his elements. I have absolutely loved Steve in all his films I have seen and was disappointed to see him not getting much scope to do anything.

Like I said earlier, this film is for the elderly, specially those who haven’t seen Something’s Gotta Give (also directed by Nancy Meyers). While the film is very funny, there isn’t much original here. Nancy seems to have decided to specialize in movies where veteran actors fall in and out of love like teenagers and lie on beds naked. Youngsters like me may find it gross, but the oldies just love it! This is one of those rare films though which the elderly can get nostalgic about their past relationships, their family, and most of all, their bodies.

Then why did I watch the movie in the first place? To be able to see three great actors together in one movie and to see Steve Martin work his magic. In the former I am satisfied, in the latter I am disappointed. But at the end of it all I guess I was more disappointed to see three fine actors getting old.


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