IPL Circus: Opening Ceremony

The Eye Pee Yell is back! As a brand new season of IPL kicked off yesterday and theater, bar and nightclub owners scramble to provide the best slug fest ever, I took a few hours off to collect some of the best caricatures, both old and new, to make my own opening ceremony of IPL. The bidding of players, the glamor, the cheergirls, the celebrities and the money involved in the IPL has, in the past three years, inspired many artists to give vent to their humor through caricatures. For me personally, IPL has been entertaining not for the game itself, but for all the satire and humor surrounding it. Humor thrives on conflict and controversies, and IPL has provided them in loads. So brace yourself for a funny ride…here we go!

The money is there, the girls are there, the lights are there and so is the crowd. But where is the damn cricket??

A flavor of IPL 2009: "Yes Mr. Modi, it indeed was in the best interests of the game."

Any doubts whose team will win the next season of IPL??

Batao, Batao! Where is Chhotu's team?

Any Idea who the lead actors will be?

There's no circus like IPL circus! Unlike other circuses, no law prohibits one from displaying the rarest of species.

Finally someone can compete with the Indian IT department!

I wish Pakistani players were banned from IPL before 26/11

SRK: the pioneer in movie marketing!

"C'mon boys, Just because you play cricket doesn't mean you have to be lazy. Jump higher!"

Long live our horses..oops..i mean, Netas!

Amulya Players??

Excellent suggestion Mr. Minister!!

Sirji, bhav kiska? Khane waleka, ya khilanewale ka?

Rajasthan walon!! Kuch seekho hamare UP-Bihar bhaiyon se!

Sahi suna hai doston! Agli baar bina koshish ke haar mat manna!

Somebody please tell him that it's IPL, not EPL!

Rab ne bana di Jodi!

Yuvi Ki Kiss-mat!

" O O "

Division of Labour at it's best!

Yes, baby, you have a nice #$%! I'll make you a cheergirl!

Ok the tamasha is finally over. Wait for the closing ceremony.


I don’t claim ownership of any of the photos or caricatures above. However, I do claim ownership of the their captions. The caricatures have been taken from the blogs of various artists. Since most of the cariicatures here are by Satish Acharya, I will give him due credit. Satish is a cartoonist and has done cartooning for Mid Day. You will find the rest of his cartoons on his blog.


4 Comments to “IPL Circus: Opening Ceremony”

  1. You suck…. ppl like you cant do anything apart from just sitting on your A#$ and commenting on someone else’s brilliant ideas. Just bcoz you cant make the kind of money which all the parties and players involved in IPL are making, you have to take it out against them, isn’t it?

    IPL not only provides excellent platform to young and upcoming players but also provides excitement to millions of the viewers watching it all over the world.

    Get real man.. cricket is still cricket, whether it is played in 5 days, 1 day or 3 hrs.

    Start accepting that there are millions of ppl out there who are more brilliant then you and are just cashing on it.

  2. I suck..and still you can’t help coming to my blog and commenting and abusing me! lol “cricket is still cricket, whether it is 5 days, 1 day or 3 hours”!! that shows how much of cricket you know, or any sport for that matter. T20 is not a game it’s just a free hit party for batsmen. There are tens of restrictions on bowlers but none for batsmen! Without sixes there would be no entertainment and no crowd. Can you name any sport where rules are bent so that it becomes more entertaining for the crowd rather than competitive for the players involved??

    But then you need to be intelligent enough to understand all this. I don’t blame you. I feel pity for you.

    And money??!! Why in Gods name would I have a problem if they are making money!! Bill Gates also makes money. Loads of it! I don’t have any problem with him.

    Grow up kid!

  3. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

    • Thanks gualetar! This whole post is supposed to poke fun at the IPL and the ppl involved in it. If by “text” u mean the captions I have given to the photos, I would say its because I am trying to be witty here, so the less said, the better. There’s no fun in explaining everything.

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