The Crazy Planet Part 2

Robert Mckee, the world famous scriptwriting guru, points out in his story seminar that, “story is not about the middle ground, it’s about life lived to the limit of human experience.” To find out this extreme limit I decided to document some extreme cases of life and people. In the second edition of this series, today, I have  seven very interesting videos, all courtesy You Tube.

Mr. Big Mouth

Fankly speaking this video is disgusting, but after watching it you can’t help wondering how can a man have such a big mouth! It looks like the mouth of a rhinoceros!

Skull Implant??

I have heard of breast implants (off course I have!), I have heard of body organ implants, but this beats everything I have ever seen. Why in God’s name would a man want to implant silicone star and steel spikes on his skull! Meet Iguana Mike, the man who thinks being crazy is cool! But you know what Mr. Mike, I am not as impressed with your decorated skull as I am with those fake tattooed  boobies on your hands. That stuff just rocks! Guys you have to watch this video!

Miss Face Piercing

Here is another woman in my crazy list. She is the Guinness World Record holder for the most number of body piercing. Her face is literally covered with her piercings. But what is most impressive is this woman’s confidence and her justification for her craziness. I totally agree with her when she says that it’s her body and she likes it this way. Everybody has a right to live the way they want without being judged, as long as they don’t do any harm to others.

Chinese Delight

It is said that the Chinese will eat anything if served on sticks. Don’t believe me? Watch this video and see for yourself. Its a video shot from the food market in the Olympic village during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. You may have already seen the mailer doing the rounds in the internet. Now watch the video.

The Longest Moustache

Finally someone from India has made it to my Crazy list! I am so proud! In which part of India do you think People have the longest and the best mustaches? You are right. Its Rajasthan. But this man with his 4 metre long mustache, beats them all. See how carefully he maintains his hairy pride. A visitor of You Tube commented that he can probably hang himself with his moustache!

The Skull Collector

Some people collect stamps, some others, coins. But have you ever heard of someone collecting human skulls? If not then hear it now. And don’t just hear it. Watch it for yourself. This gentleman in this video not just collects coins as a hobby, he also creates art out of them! What a passion!

Designer Nipples

This one is more hilarious than crazy! Apparantly, the lastet craze in US, specially hollywood women is to have designer nipples! Seems like fake boobs are not enough, so they have to have  plastic nipples too. Rumor has it, that Victoria Bekham and Jennifer Anniston have done surgery to have those perky plastic nipples, so that their nipples permanently stick out from under their t-shirts. Even a nice Bra can’t hide the erection.  An online friend of mine from US had once told me that the peer pressure there is so much, that a nice pair of well developed boobs goes a long way in boosting a woman’s confidence. But I never knew that some of them are so desperate that they want their nipples also to stick out so that they can attract attention. Hilarious!

A little birdy warned me not to discuss such things on a general interest blog. But I shooed her away, saying that I am doing a favor to all the guys out there who might get unduly turned on the next time they see a woman’s raised nipples. Beware guys! Those might be just plastic ones. Ok, enough of nippletalk! Now watch the video! I am done for today.


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