Guest on Storyflakes: Shahnaz on Love and Hope


A couple of weeks back I had an idea. Why not use this blog as a platform to give voice to the ideas and passions of people who don’t have a blog, but want to write something nevertheless? I have spoken to my heart’s content for quite a while now and I thought it would be a nice idea to take a break and give someone else a chance to say something important.

So I sounded off a few of my acquaintances and gave them an “exclusive offer” to post their write ups through my blog.

A couple of them took the bait. One of them is Shahnaaz.

“Ok,” she asked, “What should I write about?”

Write about something you are passionate about,” I told her. “Something important. Talk about your experiences that have shaped your life. Give me your story!”

“My Story!” She seemed a bit surprised. “But wouldn’t that be too personal?”

“Yes it will be,” I assured her. “But it all depends on whether you have enough courage to talk about yourself in a public forum, expose yourself to people. If you have not done anything wrong why should you be afraid of telling people what you are passionate about? Who you really are?”

“Well, that’s right,” she said and became silent.

So, after a couple of days of silence she got back and said, “Ok I’ll do it! I will write about my passion.”


“But this will be my first attempt at writing. I am not sure if it will be good enough.”

“Don’t worry about the writing.” I said. “If you have something important to say and if you are saying it from your heart, writing will take care of itself. English is a very forgiving language.”

“But I will not talk about everything openly. I’ll be discrete.”

“Discrete sounds good!” I assured her again.

So here you are, Shahnaz’s first attempt at writing about her passion….discretely. She welcomes “constructive criticism” from the blog readers.

Today, I wish to talk about something that has forced me to indulge myself into a drudgery called Love. Well I don’t want to be so cruel as to call it ‘drudgery,’ but what can I say when I miss someone so much I can almost die! Time simply doesn’t move!

What is life all about? What it means to really live a life? Is eating, breathing enough for that?

I must have asked this question to myself hundreds of times and every time I get the answer that a true life can only be lived with a heart that is contended.

And what really brings contentment to the heart? What makes you survive?

Well, let us look at all the options:

– Money? Lots of it?

– People (friends/family/enemies all included)?

– Love?

I believe it is this LOVE that resides in each heart and survives the hardest of life’s tests.

Now, there is again a condition that life poses in front of most of us – that is, the situation where one individual decision would make a difference for an entire lifetime.

Sometimes one decision can change your whole life. There is nothing like good or bad. Your life can either be better than before or worst than present.

All said, what prompts us to take all the big decisions? Well again, this is not the brain, but the heart.

Sometimes a single glance deep into the eyes of that person tells you stories that are enough for an eternity, you feel the need to be with that soul for a lifetime. At other times, life is just a compromise between the promises of the brain and expectations of a feeble heart.

In these other times, the expectations of this heart are kept at bay while dealing with the mundane nature of our lives.

Why am I missing him? Because I cannot keep my expectations at bay anymore and want to meet him badly, tell him that I love him, miss him. want to announce it nice and loud, over and over again!

He knows this, knows my situation.

No, we haven’t met yet. Not in person. But I have felt his presence beside me even though we are thousands of miles apart.

I wonder where life takes us next, both of us. It sure has been harsh these few months, staying away from him.

Do you think I will survive amidst all of this??

I will because I have to. I have to survive this ordeal in order to relive all the moments again when we were both very very happy.

Don’t you think it is this HOPE that revives our souls and gives us the strength we need the most? Is it hope that makes us believe that everything will fall in place, just like that?

“That’s it?” I asked her in amazement, after reading it.

“What were you expecting, en epic?” She asked.

“No not an epic. But something more clear maybe? I didn’t know you would be so discrete.”

“You wanted me to talk about something important. Is love not important enough?”

I thought for a while. Of course love is important! So is hope. We all need both to survive.

“But what you have written doesn’t seem complete enough,” I said. “It seems like you curbed yourself from writing what you really wanted to write. Like you tried to suffocate your voice. Never suffocate your voice.”

“Hmm..” She thought for a while.

“What if I write a sequel to this?” She finally said. “The whole story?”

“A sequel sounds great!” I replied, jumping at her offer.

P.S. – Not just for Shahnaz, this post is a first for me too. This is not a guest article, nor is it completely my effort. This is not fiction, and yet it is not the whole truth either. Is it live storytelling? Telling a story as it happens? I am not sure. I smell a love story here for sure. Do you? Let’s wait for the sequel. And thanks Shahnaz for being bold and generous enough! You rock!

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6 Comments to “Guest on Storyflakes: Shahnaz on Love and Hope”

  1. Thankyou for that Shiv……and yeah u cn wait fr the sequel too 🙂

  2. @ Shahnaz- I don’t know you. But I had gone through the same when I was in Bangalore for two years. Missing would have been so painful I never thought. It was like that when she was with me I never gave her the importance but when I was away I found out how important she was for me.
    @ Shiv- Thanks for allowing people to write in your blog. hiope to see some more people writing various issues.

    Bye to both of you

  3. Hi Sugata,

    Thankyou so much for your valuable comment.
    I think its the distance tht does the magic……:)

  4. Eagerly waitng for Next episode! Wonderfull starting Shahnaz Keep it up!

  5. Thankyou Shahista!!
    Yes it will be posted soon, hopefully 🙂

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