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July 16, 2010

An Exclusive Interview of Paul, The Octopus!


The FIFA World Cup 2010 has been unique in many ways. For the first time ever, Spain not only went to the finals of the world cup but also became the champions. This world cup has seen the humiliating exits of the defending champions Italy and the prestigious contenders France. This world Cup also saw what some romantics call, “the defeat of flamboyance and style.” A columnist in a news magazine berates the fact that in this world cup, efficiency and organization won over beauty and artistic football suffered a huge setback because of the early exit of Argentina and Brazil. The beautiful football is not beautiful anymore. A “good portion of the world wants to see the Maradona moments” he says. Alas! That was not to be.

And while Shakira gyrated her hips, chanting “Waka Waka…this time for Africa,” this time, as in earlier times, wasn’t really for Africa. South Africa crashed out in the first round and Ghana, after an inspiring run, were defeated by the “hand tactics” of the Uruguayan players.

But more than spectacular goals, controversial referring decisions, early exit of big names, and the deluge of yellow cards in the final match, this world cup will be remembered for a new psychic sensation called Paul, the Octopus. After correctly predicting the outcomes of seven German matches in a row and the final match between Spain and Holland, Paul became the biggest star of FIFA World Cup 2010. Paul was one of the top 10 Twitter trends in the last week of World Cup. He made many rich and gave a tough time to bookies all over the world.
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July 9, 2010

Guest on Storyflakes: Shahnaz on Love and Hope


A couple of weeks back I had an idea. Why not use this blog as a platform to give voice to the ideas and passions of people who don’t have a blog, but want to write something nevertheless? I have spoken to my heart’s content for quite a while now and I thought it would be a nice idea to take a break and give someone else a chance to say something important.

So I sounded off a few of my acquaintances and gave them an “exclusive offer” to post their write ups through my blog.

A couple of them took the bait. One of them is Shahnaaz.
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