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July 21, 2010

India’s Most Loved Videos 1

The other day I was searching for the title song of Jungle Book. Yes you are right – Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, chaddhi pahan ke phool khila hai – that’s the one! It took me quite a while to get the free downloadable mp3 file but while searching for it I came across a couple of other videos and songs that reminded me of the good old days. The days when life used to be much simpler, when we had much lesser choices of entertainment but more meaningful ones. when Sunday used to be the day of Duck Tales and Mogli and Ramayan and Mahabharat and Chandrakanta and Malgudi Days and Surabhi, when wednesday evenings used to be reserved forever for Chitrahar, when SMS were just three meaningless letters and when we used to send real postcards to rank songs in Superhit Muqabala, when Thanda Thanda Pani was more than just that, when Lalitaji’s advice was taken as seriously as that of a sister’s, when National integration meant watching Mile Sur Mera Tumhara with the whole family, when “soaps” were only used in the bathroom, to wash the skin and not the brain, when Hum Log never quarreled amongst each other and when kitchen politics wasn’t glamorous at all, when our family values and our culture was the Buniyaad of our existence, when a child enjoyed his/her childhood and was taught about Ek Anek Aur Ekta and not forced to become “little champs.”

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