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June 20, 2010

Demystifying Creativity: Part 2 (The Emotional Freaks)


This is part two of my two part write-up on creativity. If you haven’t read Part One , I suggest you read it first before proceeding further. In part one I talked about what creativity really is and here I will talk about a particular human trait (found in almost 20% of us) that enhances our creative ability tremendously.

A self Portrait of Vincent Van Gough

A few days back, while reading a blog, I stumbled on to a quote by Pearl S. Buck. Pearl was an American writer and missionary and wrote extensively on Chinese life and culture. She was also the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. She says,
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June 11, 2010

Demystifying Creativity: Part 1

Years ago, when I was still in school, one day, in my childish enthusiasm, I had expressed my desire to work in an ad agency after college to my father and elder brother. My father, having spent his entire career in a PSU bank, was aeons away from the world of advertising. So he turned towards my brother, silently seeking help. My brother, finding himself in a position of knowledge and authority, promptly dismissed my desire as a whim saying that, “You have to be very creative to get into advertising.”

But why am I raking up this relatively inconsequential piece of family conversation after all these years? Do I still hold a grudge against my brother?

Of course not! The reason why I mentioned this incident here is something different.
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