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July 26, 2010

Why Do Women Love Jerks?

I have decided to share with you, my blog readers, the first two chapters of a novel I am writing. But before that let me tell you the story behind this novel.

What is the secret behind attraction between men and women? This question has fascinated me since a long time. Why and how men get attracted to women is a pretty simple question that anyone who is accustomed with the ways of the world can answer. Male psyche works in a fixed way and that’s why we men fall prey to female charms very easily. So there is no point talking about it. We already know everything that there is to know in this regard.

But why and how do women get attracted to men, romantically, or more precisely, sexually? This is a very tricky and mysterious question and unfortunately, people rarely have the right answer to this question. The blame, obviously lies with men, who make the mistake of assuming that women think the same way as they do, and so, get frustrated when things don’t happen the way they want them to.

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