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April 20, 2011

The Top 20 Biopics of All Time

Traditionally, biopics have been one the most favourite genres for the Oscar Jury members. Almost every year, amongst the Oscar nominees, you will find movies based on some real life character. And almost every year most of these manage to pick up awards. I believe it’s the unique experience of watching history unfold through the eyes of an interesting/eccentric character who, in some way, helped shape it, that makes biopics such great dramatic experiences. No wonder many of the movies on my list of 20 of the best biopics of all time are multiple award winning movies.

Now I am biased towards movies about art and artists, and against war and gangster movies. I believe that explains why I haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia and Patton, two movies which would be on anybody’s list of ten best biopics of all time. Perhaps that also explains why Goodfellas is so low in the ranking and why 9 out of these 20 movies are about artists.

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