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July 21, 2010

India’s Most Loved Videos 1

The other day I was searching for the title song of Jungle Book. Yes you are right – Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, chaddhi pahan ke phool khila hai – that’s the one! It took me quite a while to get the free downloadable mp3 file but while searching for it I came across a couple of other videos and songs that reminded me of the good old days. The days when life used to be much simpler, when we had much lesser choices of entertainment but more meaningful ones. when Sunday used to be the day of Duck Tales and Mogli and Ramayan and Mahabharat and Chandrakanta and Malgudi Days and Surabhi, when wednesday evenings used to be reserved forever for Chitrahar, when SMS were just three meaningless letters and when we used to send real postcards to rank songs in Superhit Muqabala, when Thanda Thanda Pani was more than just that, when Lalitaji’s advice was taken as seriously as that of a sister’s, when National integration meant watching Mile Sur Mera Tumhara with the whole family, when “soaps” were only used in the bathroom, to wash the skin and not the brain, when Hum Log never quarreled amongst each other and when kitchen politics wasn’t glamorous at all, when our family values and our culture was the Buniyaad of our existence, when a child enjoyed his/her childhood and was taught about Ek Anek Aur Ekta and not forced to become “little champs.”

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April 14, 2010

The Crazy Planet Part 2

Robert Mckee, the world famous scriptwriting guru, points out in his story seminar that, “story is not about the middle ground, it’s about life lived to the limit of human experience.” To find out this extreme limit I decided to document some extreme cases of life and people. In the second edition of this series, today, I have  seven very interesting videos, all courtesy You Tube.

Mr. Big Mouth

Fankly speaking this video is disgusting, but after watching it you can’t help wondering how can a man have such a big mouth! It looks like the mouth of a rhinoceros!
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March 10, 2010

The Crazy Planet: Part 1

Do we really know the world we live in or the people living in it? I am sure we all agree that the unanimous answer to this question would be NO. But what we can’t say for sure is the extent of the craziness of our planet and especially of the people living in it. So I am starting a new series on my blog, listing the craziest things in this world. The videos are sourced from Youtube, as always. If India TV can take the “freakshows” from Youtube and make it “Breaking News” on National Television, I think I won’t do much harm by starting a competitor to India TV right here on my blog. And guess what? Unlike Mr. Rajat Sharma, I don’t pretend to run a “24X7 News Channel.” In the list today is the man who looks like lizard, the man with the longest (and the ugliest) hair, the girl who produces pearls through her eyes, the man with the biggest tongue and finally the “Tree Man.”

The Lizardman

Can you imagine spending US$ 25,000 on cosmetic surgery and tattooing so that you can look like a snake, or a lizard? That’s exactly what Eric Sprague, better known as the lizard man has done. Contrary to what people say, Eric doesn’t consider himself to be an animal. He says he is an “artist” and whatever he has done, is for creating more authenticity for his freaky side shows, through which he earns his living. Eric has been featured on Animal Planet and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Over to Eric.

World’s Longest Hair?

Numerous poems have been penned on women’s “long and lustrous” hair. They say long hair accentuates a woman’s beauty. But what if the long hair, and I mean really long, comes out of a man’s head? And more so, if the man claims not to have washed his hair for over a decade! World’s longest hair? I am not sure. That’s Guiness World Record’s department. But what I can see with my open eyes is that this is the world’s ugliest hair.  Anyone out there inspired to write a poem on this “piece of art”?

Girl’s Eyes Produce Crystals!

Ok, this is real freaky stuff! This Lebanese girl produces an average of eight small crystals through her eyes!! Thats weird. Prima facie, I don’t believe it. But there is a live demonstration of the crystals popping out! And those little pieces are sharp! See for yourself and decide.

Man with Monster Tongue and Rubber Chin

A big tongue can be a great asset, for many reasons. But this guy has a giant frying pan size tongue and a chin that he can curl up and touch his nose!! Can you believe that? You may find his tongue disgusting and may feel like throwing up, but I am sure his girlfriend/wife must be one happy woman (a tongue like that!).

The Tree Man

This is the story of the day. It is about Dede, an Indonesian fisherman. Because of some rare condition, he has warts coming out from all over his body making his hands and feet like that of a tree root. He feared he will die of this condition. Discovery made a documentary on him and he became famous. Major newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, London carried detailed stories on him to help him find a cure. Many videos are posted on Youtube about him. Finally, after an awareness campaign through the world media, Dede got cured of his disease by a surgery and he can now lead a normal life. Though not completely absent, he is much better than he was earlier. Watch Dede’s inspiring story in the six part documentary given below.

February 5, 2010

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Myth busters have always fascinated me. And I am attracted towards anything that provides a rational explanation to seemingly “unexplainable” phenomena. One such documentary is Zeitgeist. Dictionary defines the word as “the spirit of the time; the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation.” And that’s exactly what this documentary showcases.

What exactly is the spirit of the time we are living in? What should we believe and what should we not believe in? Should we let people take us for a ride in the name of religion or nationalism? Should we suspend our rational intellect and follow the herd mentality? You will find the answers to all these questions and much more in this movie. I was shocked the first time I saw it. Maybe the conclusions drawn in this movie are extreme. Maybe not all of them will come true. But watch it nevertheless because it will open your mind.

What this movies shows

  1. A detailed explanation of the myth of “organized religion.” And remember organized religion is different from spirituality.
  2. The myth of 9/11
  3. The danger of a world superpower (read corporate world and media) taking over the reins of the world and the imminent dawn of a new age when the very concept of individual freedom and right won’t exist.

The issues raised in this movie are far more serious and complex than you may seem. But I’ll let you decide that. For now, go ahead and watch this multi award winning film. It is one of the most hard hitting and one of the best documentaries ever.

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November 27, 2009

The Building Blocks of a Great Story

Starting today this section of my blog will contain articles and videos that talk about how to create stories.

This post contains a series of videos on “The Building Blocks of a Great Story” by Ira Glass hosted on You Tube. According to Wikipedia, Ira Glass is “an American public radio personality, and host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life.” A simple Google search will reveal a lot more about him.

But this video series is not about Ira Glass but about what he has to say on the art of storytelling. So I’ll allow Mr. Glass to take over from here.  Since Mr. Glass is a radio professional, his views are more applicable to stories broadcasted on radio. But the core of these principles, especially what he talks about in the first video, can be applied even to fiction writing or script writing for a movie.

Ira Glass on Storytelling # 1

In this video he talks about two very critical elements of a story: One, the sequence of events and two, the narrative introspection. In any great story there is always a healthy balance between the two. One needs to have a “sense of storytelling” to decide on the sequence of events in a story. Interspersed between the events should be the narrative reflection or introspection, the part of the story that makes sense of the events.

Ira Glass on Storytelling # 2

In this video he talks about the importance of content for a great stories. Its difficult to find the content that makes for a great story and the storyteller needs to be ruthless when it comes to maintaining the creative and structural integrity of his/her story. A lot of sacrifice goes behind creating a great story.

Ira Glass on Storytelling # 3

In this video Ira makes an interesting but very accurate observation about the gap between one’s taste for good stories and the kind of stories one is actually creating. Since I am currently working on a novel I can vouch for this personally. What I am writing currently is nowhere near the kind of novels I love reading and sometimes I do get into a depression. But as Ira rightly points out, perseverance is the key in such situations. Keep working on folks if you want to bridge that gap!

Ira Glass on Storytelling # 4

In this video Ira talks about two common mistakes beginners make.

Disclaimer: The views presented in the videos above are those of Ira Glass and may not necessarily concur with those of the author of this blog.

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